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Murderer Absconder Arrested from Islamabad Through CPLC ZRC

A cold blooded murderer and Dacoit has been apprehended from Islamabad after thorough investigation and efforts by CPLC Central Zone team with Police force.


The murderer and Dacoit after committing heinous crimes and injuring police constable escaped and went to Islamabad. FIR was lodged at PS Surjani Town.


Police took technical assistance from CPLC ZRC Central who worked untiringly hard to find out where abouts of criminal since he was on the run. The criminal was arrested through effective and timely action of Police meticulously assisted by CPLC ZRC Central team who pinpointed the location of the absconder besides providing other assistance.


The murderer, Dacoit has been brought from Islamabad and is in police custody at concerned police station. The Criminal was also involved in bank Dacoity and found looting in CCTV cameras footage also.


Electronic media and print media also circulated the great success of CPLC ZRC Central team and appreciated their efforts resulted in apprehending the criminal and putting him behind the bar. Concerned Police team also thanked and appreciated CPLC ZRC Central team for their great efforts and successful operation.