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“CPLC and Law Enforcement Bust Notorious Group of Express Kidnappers “

The Year 2016 started with a new wave of express kidnapping for ransom cases.


The First incident occurred on 6th January 2016 in which, an innocent citizen was kidnapped form Hussainabad area, followed by two more incidents in which 2 citizens were kidnapped on 24th Jan from the same area. Another victim was kidnapped from shadman town area. The ransom call was received demanding Rs 5 Million.


Almost all Law Enforcement Agencies were working on these cases. For the CPLC , apprehending the criminals became a challenge to save innocent citizens from heinous criminals.


The CPLC team worked diligently on all these cases for the last 2 months. The Kidnappers were shrewd and didn’t leave any apparent trace. Eventually the CPLC team managed to find a clue leading to the discovery of the hideout of the kidnappers

CPLC along with AVCC and an intelligence agency , conducted a raid in the early hours of March 3rd in Surjani area and pinpointed 5 kidnappers.


When the team reached near the hideout, a heavy exchange of fire took place. All 5 kidnappers were killed in the encounter with Law enforcement agencies. The abducted / hostage was safely recovered.


This is a great success since the express kidnapping group have been busted along with its mastermind.