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CPLC EAST team Apprehended Extortionists with Local Police

A case of Extortion was received on April 20th 2016 from a Complainant running Medical store at Gulshan Iqbal. The complainant received Extortion call on phone demanding Rs. 500,000.


The Complainant was nervous and quite disturbed due to threats and extortion calls since the Extortionists knew his whereabouts and about his family.


CPLC East Team started working on the case immediately. On getting all requisite Technical data, CPLC East team collaborated with Bahadurabad Police station, raided the whereabouts early in the morning on April 23rd 2016 and arrested both extortionists from Majeed Dalmia Colony (Shaanti Nagar) Block 10 Gulshan Iqbal.


The Cell phone used in Extortion calls has also been recovered and the criminals accepted that they made extortion calls using he same cell phones.
An FIR had been registered at Bahadurabad police station against the culprits.


This has been another great success by CPLC East team during the last 8 days in which extortionists are apprehended and put behind the bars through timely and effective coordination with area police stations.