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US Consul General visit CPLC – CRC

Consul General of USA Mr. Brian Heath along with high ranking USA Consulate Officials visited CPLC Central Reporting Cell at Sindh Governor House where he was welcomed by Chief CPLC Mr. Zubair Habib and senior officials of CPLC Sindh on Monday December 14th 2015.


The Consul General and his team was taken to Admin block, Police Complaint Cell at CRC, Complaint Handling department, IT Cell, Sketching unit, Call Center etc and were shown the working of different units within CPLC.


A Presentation was given about CPLC Sindh in which the team was briefed about the inception of CPLC, Functions, Core values, Infrastructure, Outreach and the Success stories by CPLC in the last 26 years by working closely with Law enforcement agencies in combating crimes. He was impressed by the way CPLC has successfully been able to bridge gap between law enforcement agencies and general public.


The visiting officers were also briefed about the welfare projects taken up by CPLC Sindh. The USA counsel General Mr. Brian and his team applauded the volunteerism of CPLC Sindh team members and showed satisfaction over declining trend in heinous crimes. USA Consulate officials showed keen interest in CPLC’s Neighborhood care projects and appreciated the role of CPLC in running CPLC Public Schools at 3 different downtrodden areas of Karachi, construction and operations of Public toilets and Free Dispensaries. Mr. Brian informed that his first exposure to CPLC was in 2003 but now CPLC has expanded in terms of activities/functions performed.


Chief CPLC Sindh Mr. Zubair Habib thanked the USA Consulate General Mr. Brian Heath for visiting CPLC Central Reporting Cell. The US Counsel General appreciated the role of CPLC and was optimistic in working closely for capacity building of CPLC team for combating crimes.