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    First Name*
    شکایت کندہ نام

    Last Name*
    قبائلی یا خاندانی نام

    Father/Husband's Name
    والد/شوہرکا نام


    Contact No*
    موبائل نمبر

    ای میل

    Residential No
    فون نمبر


    CNIC No.*
    شناحتی کارڈ نمبر




    Date of Birth


    Address (House/Flat No, Street/Gali/Road, Village/Muhalla/Sector, Tehsil)*
    (پتہ (گھر/فلیٹ، گلی/محلہ، گاؤں/شہر

    Type of complaint*شکایت کاعنوان

    Complaint Details*شکایت کے اھم/ضروری نکات

    میں تصدیق کرتا ہوں کہ میں نے اس فارم پر فراہم کردہ تمام معلومات میری بہترین معلومات کے مطابق درست ہیں۔

    I affirm that all the information I have provided on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge.

    CPLC team is deeply grieved over the tragic accident

    Our CPLC team is deeply grieved over the tragic accident in which a Prominent Pilot Marium Bukhtiar of Pakistan Air Force embraced Shahadat. May Allah accept her endeavors and grant Marium Jannatul firdous with the stature of Shahadat. We offer deep condolences for the relatives and friends of Shaheed Marium Bukhtiar. Chief CPLC Sindh  

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    DIG Traffic Mr. Ameer Sheikh visit to CPLC

    A meeting between DIG Traffic Mr. Ameer Sheikh and Chief CPLC Sindh Mr. Zubair Habib was held today at CPLC Sindh Governor House which was also attended by Office bearers and members of CPLC Sindh. Mr. Ameer Sheikh DIG Traffic emphasized the need to join hands together with CPLC Sindh and briefed the CPLC team about the problems faced by ...

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    CPLC Public Schools’ Students Passed SSC Part 1 Exams:

    Great Achievement once again by Students of CPLC Public Schools situated at : a. Khwaja Ajmer Nagri (North Karachi) b. Gulbahar (Nazimabad) c. Federal B Industrial Area Total Students appeared : 62 Secured 80% & above marks (A1 Grade) : 03 Secured 70% & above marks (A Grade) : 18 Secured 60% & above marks (B Grade) : 29 Secured 50% & above ...

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    A joint team of CPLC and PIB Police Station has arrested the culprits involved in robbery and murder case. A case of robbery and murder of Miss Sadaf Imran was reported in CPLC East Zone on 27.10.2015. The incident took place in the jurisdiction of PIB Police Station for which FIR No. 288/15 dated 20.10.2015 under Section 302/397/392/34 was lodged. ...

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    I want to resolve a General Dispute

    CPLC can offer its mediation and arbitration services at all Zonal / District offices related to : a. Marital issues b. Domestic issues c. Landlord/tenant issues d. Monetary disputes You need to : 1. Contact CPLC and submit your application along with CNIC 2. Mention your (complainant) contact details and other party’s (respondent’s) contact details in full 3. A member ...

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    This PSM is for creating awareness to the general public in case of child missing A Public Service message by CPLC, Contact CPLC at 021-35662222, 021-35682222

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    CPLC Public Schools

    CPLC’s efforts are not limited rather expanded to provide relief to masses living in downtrodden areas of Karachi and as such CPLC launched purely Welfare based schools in 3 areas of Karachi where more than 1,150 students are provided free education, Books, Uniform etc and these schools have secured more than 90% result in SSC examination (Matriculation) in the last ...

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