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    Jail Inmates Database

    The rising crime pattern and malpractices in certain departments compelled CPLC to launch Jail inmates’ database in order to maintain a record of prisoners in all Karachi Jails. CPLC offices for recording Jail inmates’ details are located at Central Prisons Karachi since June 2009 where Biometrics and digital photos are secured.

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    Assisting LEAs in Combating Kidnapping, Extortion

    Assisting LEAs in Combating Kidnapping, Extortion, Threat, Robbery through the use of technology CPLC has handled 1414 cases of Kidnapping for Ransom jointly with Police and Rangers Since 2008 out of which 1413 KFR cases were successfully solved. A total of 338 gangs busted and criminals were apprehended.

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    Provide Guidance / Counseling to Community

    Provide Guidance / Counseling to Community to save themselves from Kidnappers, Extortionists and Obnoxious callers CPLC possess great expertise in Assisting and providing guidance to community and Affected citizens in negotiating with Kidnappers and Extortionists. CPLC provides all technical and moral support to Community affected by Kidnappers & Extortionists besides developing sketches and tracking down criminals through crime pattern analysis ...

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    Illegal Detention by Police

    CPLC has played a pivotal role in ensuring that no innocent person / suspect without registration of FIR is kept under illegal detention by any police official and in many cases have resulted in release of detainee from police stations wherever found that mal practices were being employed.

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    Management of Call Centre for Inquiries

    Management of Call Centre for Inquiries, Emergencies and Complaints and providing timely information / action to general public / LEAs CPLC has developed state of the art 24/7 call center which has the capacity to accommodate Up to 60 agents and is fully equipped with dedicated lines with recording facility. This call center is extensively used not only for emergency ...

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    Drawing Sketches of Persons

    CPLC has indigenously developed sketching software which is available at all offices of CPLC. CPLC has been making more than1500 sketches per year for various cases. Quite a few notorious criminals / terrorists have been apprehended by law enforcement agencies through the use of these sketches.

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    Cases of Lost / Runaway Persons

    CPLC has played a pivotal role in brining back lost / runaway persons from far flung areas and reuniting them with their families. Even the superior courts at times have directed CPLC to assist law enforcement agencies in ensuring that lost / runaway persons are found and safely returned to their families

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    Neighborhood Care (NC) Projects

    CPLC has successfully launched 21 neighborhood care projects in which local residents along with CPLC attempts to ensure area security / policing in close liaison with Police / Rangers that has resulted in drastic reduction in heinous and street crimes. These NC also formulate a proper garbage collection & disposal system which is implemented through close liaison with Municipal organizations, ...

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