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    Neighborhood Care (NC) Projects

    CPLC has successfully launched 21 neighborhood care projects in which local residents along with CPLC attempts to ensure area security / policing in close liaison with Police / Rangers that has resulted in drastic reduction in heinous and street crimes. These NC also formulate a proper garbage collection & disposal system which is implemented through close liaison with Municipal organizations, ...

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    Managing Public Service Projects

    CPLC Public Schools CPLC’s efforts are not limited rather expanded to provide relief to masses living in downtrodden areas of Karachi and as such CPLC launched purely Welfare based schools in 3 areas of Karachi where more than 1,150 students are provided free education, Books, Uniform etc and these schools have secured more than 90% result in SSC examination (Matriculation) ...

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    Capacity Building

    CPLC has organized training courses for police and its volunteers on Handling Kidnapping cases, CDR analysis using tools Alternate Dispute Resolution

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    Handling Complaints of Public Nuisance

    Since CPLC has offices in every district it make it effective and convenience for masses to approach in case they encounter any problem related to public nuisance and CPLC leaves no stone unturned to curb this menace

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    Disaster Relief Cell

    The institution has always come forward whenever there is a need to provide relief to affectees of any national disaster and for this purpose there are no boundaries

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    Safety Awareness Campaigns

    Over the years CPLC has successfully launched numerous safety awareness campaigns which includes: Public service messages on social media. Personal Safety – Preventive Measures against Kidnapping for Ransom, Robbery and Extortion. Safety Measures for Families, Organizations, Consulates/ Foreign Missions etc. School Safety Measures against drug trafficking, cyber harassment etc. Anti-Vehicle Snatching & Theft Measures. Preventive Measures for Cell Phones Snatching/ ...

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    Central Vehicle Pool (CVP)–(NAZARATH)

    During the course of our monitoring Motor Vehicle Thefts, it was observed that vehicles recovered were being misused even under magisterial supervision (Nazarath). In order to overcome this problem, it was suggested by CPLC to centralize the Nazarath of all the districts for effective supervision of recovered vehicles under one window. CPLC filed a constitutional petition against the illegalities in ...

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    The rising crime trend in Karachi, specially kidnapping for ransom during 1980s caused hardships and grievances to the masses and the business community had to come forward to take the ownership of the city (Karachi). The idea was well perceived and taken by the then Governor Sindh, Justice (Retd) Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim who established a statutory institution that is known ...

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    Who we are

    CPLC is a unique example of public-private partnership whereby citizens have come forward as volunteers, took charge to rectify the deteriorating law and order situation in coordination with law enforcement agencies and has worked untiringly to achieve its righteous objectives. CPLC has 6 District Offices in Karachi, 1 District office in Hyderabad, Head office in Sindh Governor House and soon ...

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