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Managing Public Service Projects

CPLC Public Schools
CPLC’s efforts are not limited rather expanded to provide relief to masses living in downtrodden areas of Karachi and as such CPLC launched purely Welfare based schools in 3 areas of Karachi where more than 1,150 students are provided free education, Books, Uniform etc and these schools have secured more than 90% result in SSC examination (Matriculation) in the last 3 years. The schools are situated at

  • Campus- I Khawja Ajmer Nagri
  • Campus-II Gulbahar
  • Campus- III F.B. Industrial Area

CPLC Dispensaries
CPLC provides Free OPD, Free medication to masses living in low income areas opf Karachi. Moreover Hepatitis vaccination has been provided to all students of CPLC public schools, along with Karachi entire Police force. These dispensaries are located at:

  • F.B. Industrial Area
  • Khwaja Ajmer Nagri

Convenience Projects
Realizing the importance of public toilets, CPLC took the initiative and have successfully developed these facilities at 42 different locations of Karachi.
Charged Parking Project has been run under the supervision of CPLC on the directives of honorable Sindh High Court, these charge parking projects have provided convenience to millions on daily basis

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