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Mediation and Arbitration in General Dispute

CPLC has played a pivotal role in resolving general disputes through mediation / arbitration process. Both parties are asked to sign consent form for mediation or arbitration as the parties feel appropriate. CPLC has a group of members who received Certification in Alternate Dispute resolutions and as such capable of handling such matters in a befitting manner. A huge number ...

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Managing Police Complaint Cell

Managing Police Complaint Cell where FIRs are being lodged through CPLC intervention to victims of crimes and accidents. Police Complaint Cells were established at all CPLC Offices in 1998 for Registration of FIR. Excesses committed by Police Medico Legal Complaint Centers were also established at CPLC to facilitate citizens for conducting medico legal examination from the respective hospitals and letters ...

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Mobile Theft

Cell Phone Complaint Form Please fill in the form below for complaints. Your identity will be kept confidential.

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Safety Measures For Schools

School Administration should have a control room with security cameras installed at entry and exit points of the school with at least one week recording.

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Safety Measures For Family

Personal protection is largely a matter of common sense. Most people have an in-built sense of survival and avoid situations that may endanger themselves.

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Post With Featured Image

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