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First Information Report (FIR)

First Information Report (FIR) is a written document prepared by the police when they receive information about the commission of a cognizable offence.


  1. Jasmine Hernandez

    I was scammed by a person from Karachi Pakistan named “Hamza Arain” After we sent a Bvlgari watch worth $4000CAD He is no longer cooperating. I have information from him where we sent the Watch, which Police department can I go to online.

  2. Syed Faisal Ur Rehman

    My Wallet has been Snatched From Gulistan E Johar Block 14 Just outside my house It Had My Original Driving License Bike Book Registration No MNE : 7607 Chassis No
    : EA 119883 Engine No : 7937727
    HONDA CG 125 Model 2018 BLACK COLOUR CNIC Colour Copy ATM Cards Etc Please If Any One Find It Contact Syed Faisal Ur Rahman

  3. Abdul Moiz Hashmi

    Bike Chori hui he Saima Arabian Villas s House A-126 Block c sheet 64 bike Super Star (KNI 9336)

  4. I paid this guy to deliver me a phone and he took the payment and blocked me and I don’t know how many more are victim of this.
    I messaged him from another number but pretending to be someone else now he is responding but before this I contacted him and asked where is they item he cursed and blocked me.
    If any department can contact me and trace this guy I’m till in open conversation with him please take action now .+92 313 7427886 this is his number

  5. QNET Fraud Pakistan.
    There are various Groups operating in Pakistan currently, who are involved in major financial fraud. They ll be in your close contact list or may be in your professional contact list. A colleague or college fellow calling you or texting you all of a sudden and asking kia ker rahay hu etc. mein tu business ker raha aur bohat acha kaam jaa raha and I even left my job for this opportunity. and even earning so well that my children will going to enjoy in life.
    Discussing all these they ll induce you to come and join.
    later they ll set meetings on zoom with their other senior group members calling themselves senior partners.
    In some time they ll induce you under forced environment that their is a hot position, vacancy currentlly open and if you want to change your life come and signup.
    And they mention ,.. their is no business without investment, so they ll ask you to lock your position by bringing minimum 6 lakhs to 10 lakhs.and they ll not give you any further information about company name or anything and will force you to arrange funds and join them as its a life changing opportunity.
    Be ware this is fraud going on , A Malaysian based Company named Qnet is their company name. even if you search about it on youtube they are doing fraud in many neughbour countries too.
    I want to bring this fraud into notice of our agencies as well as in general notice of public that they ll take your money and will keep on asking more and more in the name of various events and even a mandatory signup of other members in your family too.
    the only way the person can recover the amount invested in this system is to con other and bring and recruit other persons to recover their amount .This way they are brain washing people to get money out of innocent people pockets and are training to con more and more people in this network.
    A humble request to police and other investigation agencies to catch this network before it gets stronger and more people get deceived in name of this fraud.
    One channel that I am aware of is Haroon Tasneem CNIC 34101-1949685-1 contact number 03338191154, 03007150715 who is operating many groups in Pakistan and under him their were participants Ameer-ul-Haq CNIC 37405-7641259-9 contact No. 03349990947, 03089761920 and Tooba khalil
    CNIC 35404-6655748-7.
    Haroon Tasneem is the main person operating in Pakistan dealing with various groups to do such fraud and con people in the name of business.
    Kindly take necessary steps to capture the channel.

  6. I have loss my mobile and submitted report online 2 times. But no response
    Then, i have complaint on CPLC contact number but no reponse no email nothing.
    How can i satisfy that my mobile loss report has been permenantly approved ..??

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