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Robbers Gang Arrested Through CPLC EAST Intervention


CPLC East in coordination with Intelligence Bureau and concerned police station arrested a gang of Robbers involved in Robberies, Snatching valuables from citizens across the city of Karachi.   A case of Robbery was forwarded through CPLC Central Reporting Cell to CPLC East Zone on November 20th 2015 regarding the Robbery which took place on November 9th 2015. The complainant ...

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CPLC Neighbourhood Care Korangi Helped Arresting The Dacoits Red Handed

A group of robbers were arrested through a timely and swift action by CPLC Korangi 27 Neighborhood Care vigilant security guards and surveillance team.   The dacoits were depriving the innocent families of their valuables when the CPLC Korangi no. 27 Neighborhood Care team came into action. The dacoits started firing indiscriminately when they found themselves helpless. After 15 minutes ...

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Robber Arrested Through CPLC South Zone Efforts

A robber involved in heinous crimes has been arrested by Police through a timely and effective action by CPLC South Zone.     A Robbery case was registered at CPLC South Zone on December 30th 2015 and after meeting with the complainants an FIR was lodged at Darakshan Police station. The CPLC South team started its investigation and through meticulous ...

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Cyber Criminal Arrested On CPLC Korangi Zone Intervention

CPLC Korangi Zone in a successful move arrested the culprit involved in Cyber Crime activities. A Complaint was received by CPLC Korangi zone in which an innocent girl was victim of blackmailing and harassment by the criminal. The victim’s father lodged the complaint with CPLC Korangi office whose team acted proficiently. The culprit was using fake Facebook ID and was ...

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CPLC Rescued an Innocent Person from Illegal Detention by Police

CPLC Central Zone acted promptly and got released a person from a Local Police station. A complaint was received from an aggrieved party stating that police has illegally detained an innocent person without any charges. CPLC Central Zone team took a swift action and after involving police high officials got released the innocent person from police detention. The complainants’ family ...

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Murderer Absconder Arrested from Islamabad Through CPLC ZRC

A cold blooded murderer and Dacoit has been apprehended from Islamabad after thorough investigation and efforts by CPLC Central Zone team with Police force.   The murderer and Dacoit after committing heinous crimes and injuring police constable escaped and went to Islamabad. FIR was lodged at PS Surjani Town.   Police took technical assistance from CPLC ZRC Central who worked ...

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New CPLC chief dispels impression of tiff with Rangers

KARACHI: Newly appointed chief of the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC), Zubair Habib, on Thursday dispelled the impression that the CPLC lacked coordination with the Rangers’ Task Force established recently to tackle kidnapping for ransom cases.   “We work in coordination with Rangers and there were several cases, which were being jointly handled by the CPLC and Rangers,” said Habib in ...

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Extortionists Arrested Through Effective Action By CPLC CENTRAL ZONE

Extortionists arrested through expertise and swift action by CPLC Central Zone team with Gabol Town Police.   An Extortion complaint was recieved at CPLC Central office on November 19th 2015 in which extortionists demanded Rs. 500,000 (Five Lacs) from a factory owner in Gabol town.   CPLC Central Zone started its investigation soon after receipt of Complaint and after continuous ...

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Lost Girl Recovered Through CPLC South Zone


CPLC South zone successfully recovered a lost girl through timely and effective intervention today I.e. December 10th 2015.   The girl was missing and a case was registered at CPLC South office. The team actively worked on this case and after thorough search and technical data analysis found the lost girl. The lost girl first moved to Bahawalpur and the ...

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