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I want to get a Medico Legal Examination

1. Visit CPLC Central Reporting Cell, Sindh Governor House or CPLC District Reporting Cell Hyderabad and submit a written application along with a photocopy of CNIC. The physical presence of victim is essential for examination by the Police Complaint Cell officer (PCC). In case of a lady victim, this examination is done by a lady staff member.

2. PCC officer issues a Request letter for Medico Legal Officer (MLO).

3. Authorized hospitals for Medico Legal examination in Karachi are Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center (JPMC), Civil Hospital and Abbassi Shaheed Hospital. While in Hyderabad, Civil Hospital and Bhitai Hospital are authorized for performing M.L. examination.

4. In case the victim has already proceeded to a hospital other than those with an authorized MLO, he / she can approach CPLC to get a M.L. examination letter for one of the above mentioned authorized hospitals. If the patient is not allowed to move (i.e. admitted in hospital), the MLO can also visit the victim. Arrangements for transportation of the MLO have to be made by the applicant.