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Consumer Rights Council (CRC)

Consumer Rights Council (CRC) aims to educate, protect and promote the interest of consumers. While initiating the drive to protect and uphold the consumer interests, Citizen Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) ensures that the Council does all within its powers to protect consumer rights. Our focus is to educate the consumer about their rights and responsibilities to build a more equitable and fair society.

CPLC shares the vision of the Consumer International and endorses guidelines and responsibilities prescribed by it and by the UN General Assembly. CPLC perceives its role not only as defending the rights of the consumer but more importantly towards achieving a clear social understanding about what it means to be consumer. It strives for the emergence of an organized consumer movement by building a broad base of informed and responsible consumers. CRC endeavours to support the consumers to come out of the prevailing inertia and play a more active role in deciding their consumption pattern to effect long-term socio-economic change and achieve sustainable development. http://www.crc.org.pk/